Overline: Workshop
Headline: Governance of Sustainability

Start time: 10:00 am
End time: 04:00 pm

CIFE- European Institute and IASS are organising a two-day workshop on the topic of sustainability governance on 6 and 7 April 2022 in Potsdam and Cottbus. The aim of the workshop is to provide the 30 Master students with an overview of three levels of sustainable development governance and transformations towards sustainability: the European level, the national (federal) level and the regional (Brandenburg) level. Different research projects from both the IASS and the University of Cottbus will be presented, among them:

  • The EU “REAL DEAL” Project is an effort to reshape the active participation of citizens and stakeholders around the European Green Deal: REAL_DEAL | Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (iass-potsdam.de)
  • The German Science Platform Sustainability 2030 is a central hub where scientists and partners from politics, the economy and civil society jointly reflect on pressing sustainability policy issues: Science Platform Sustainability 2030 | Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (iass-potsdam.de)
  • The regionally focused project "Social Transformation and Policy Advice in Lusatia" studies the socio-political implications of the sustainability transformation (post fossil transition) in this region: Regional Sustainability Transformations | Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (iass-potsdam.de)

Prof. Ortwin Renn, Director of the Institute will welcome the students. Solène Droy is coordinating the workshop. The second day will take place at BTU Cottbus. Professor Gesine Grande, President of the University, will welcome the students.