Headline: Opinion: Papers that shaped tropospheric chemistry

Which published papers have transformed our understanding of the chemical processes in the troposphere and shaped the field of atmospheric chemistry? By way of expert solicitation and interactive peer review, this paper explores the influence of the ideas in peer-reviewed articles based on input from our community of atmospheric scientists. We explore how these papers have shaped the development of the field of atmospheric chemistry and identify the major landmarks in the field of atmospheric chemistry through the lens of those papers' impact on science, legislation and environmental events. We also explore the ways in which one can identify the papers that have most impacted the field and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches. Our work highlights the difficulty of creating a simple list, and we explore the reasons for this difficulty. The paper also provides a history of the development of our understanding of tropospheric chemistry and points some ways for the future.

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Monks, P. S., Ravishankara, A. R., von Schneidemesser, E., & Sommariva, R. (2021). Opinion: Papers that shaped tropospheric chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21(17), 12909-12948. doi:10.5194/acp-21-12909-2021.

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